There's something about a faded exterior of a pizza place that screams, "the pizza is so good and we've been around so long, don't worry what it looks like, just get inside." That may be the case with Detroit Beach Pizza north of Monroe on the shores of Lake Erie.

The pizzeria was a recommendation on the Pizzaholics Facebook group. With one commenter keying in not on the pie but rather the appeal of the building, "Not sure about the taste, but the sign and exterior are awesome!!!!" We agree.

When the parlor celebrated their 60th anniversary, they shared an image from many decades ago showcasing how the restaurant looked its its early days.

The sign on the roof which still exists today shows the name of the restaurant bookended by vintage Coca-Cola logos.

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The sign on the façade which has now been lost to time advertises the wide menu offerings beyond pizza: steak, spaghetti, ravioli, sea food, spare ribs and pork/veal (?) chops.

In a nod to the sign's era, it is also advertising what may have been a differentiator from other restaurants of the time, air conditioning.

The restaurant is still going strong and in the era of pizza review channels, has been, of course, visited and memorized on social media.

The taste may be a bit of a local uniqueness. The review from Pizza Review Time couldn't quite put his finger on it, but noted something tongue-catching with the sauce that stood out on first bite. On Facebook someone said it was a fair amount of carrot used on the sauce. Another comment keyed in on the local palate in Monroe County stating, "You have to be from Monroe, Lasalle, Erie, or Frenchtown to like it. Not a fan at all."

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Should you ever find yourself in far southeast Michigan, off the interstate and along the old Dixie Highway, your eye may very well be drawn to the old façade of Detroit Beach Pizza and you may just think - pizza from an ol' place like that has got to be worth a try.

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