Andy has been named the winner of Big Brother 15!

CBS has confirmed Big Brother will come back for a 16th season.

If CBS holds another season of Big Brother All-Stars in the future, do any BB15 houseguests deserve to be included?

It is likely Big Brother 15 will be most remembered for the bullying and hateful language displayed by a number of different houseguests.

There was some good gameplay mixed in, although it was often overshadowed by negative comments and actions.

How good was that gameplay?  Was anyone on BB15 good enough to be considered an all-star?

Here's a few leading candidates:

  • ANDY - Winner of BB15.  Seen as a "rat" or "floater" by many.  Seen as a clever "double agent" by others. Solid social game.
  • AARYN - Won 4 of the first 9 HOH competitions, yet ended up with little to show for it other than a target on her back.  Hard to imagine CBS would bring her back with the controversy that surrounds her.
  • AMANDA - Was running things in the Big Brother house for a while, but got too big of a head and didn't know when to back down.  Master manipulator.
  • MCCRAE - Showed potential in the beginning of the game and towards the end. Didn't do much other than allow himself to be shielded by Amanda in the middle. Finished fourth, yet may have been the biggest underachiever of BB15.

If you could combine the social game of Andy with the competition skills of Aaryn, you'd have a real all-star.

I think Andy deserves consideration, other than that, I don't see any all-stars from Big Brother 15.

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