Andy from Big Brother 15 hasn't won many competitions.

Andy has switched alliances and worked with multiple alliances at one time.

Is Big Brother 15's Andy a "floater"?

The word "floater" is a less than desirable term for Big Brother players.

A Big Brother floater is someone who isn't loyal, moves from alliance to alliance, and let's other players make big moves and win competitions while they "float" to the end.

I don't think Andy's a floater.  At least not in the traditional sense.

It's true that Andy hasn't won much, sometimes intentionally losing, but I think for the most part Andy has been trying to win but just hasn't been good enough.

I guess that's a bit of a backhanded compliment.

It's also true that Andy has been playing with multiple sides of the house at once, but he has always had one true loyalty.  That separates him from traditional floaters.  Traditional floaters might have an alliance or two or three, but they never have any real loyalty.  Andy does...usually.

A couple of weeks ago Andy was loyal to the "3AM" alliance, but that changed after Aaryn went home.  He is now loyal to his new alliance "The Exterminators".  Andy remains in what's left of "3AM", but his loyalty is with The Exterminators.

That's the difference between Andy and a floater.  Traditional Big Brother floaters never have any real loyalty, their loyalty changes week-to-week or even day-to-day. Andy is still working with multiple sides of the house, but he is loyal to The Exterminators.

It's clear that Andy is a big fan of Big Brother and aware of the fact that he is perceived by some as being a floater. He is upset by all of the floater talk, leaving the door wide open for the other houseguests to make fun.

When Andy found himself up for eviction last week and talked about how weird it was going to be to not vote, Judd dubbed those issues, "floater problems".

After Andy fell into the pool while chasing a moth, Amanda asked him if he "floated" in the water.  For the record, he didn't float and he didn't grab a life vest.

I think there's a ghost in the Big Brother house.  It has a high-pitched wail, it's pasty white, and it loves to float.  Oh wait.  That's just, Andy!

Andy works with multiple sides of the house, but uses the information he gathers to benefit only one alliance. Whichever alliance he is truly loyal to.  The strategy has worked very well for him, just ask Helen.

Andy is more of a rat than he is a floater.  Oddly, I mean that as a compliment.

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