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  • Perry Correll/ThinkStock
    Perry Correll/ThinkStock

    Help Wish a Happy Birthday to a Special Boy from West Michigan

    Colin has a disability which makes socializing and making friends difficult. As Colin prepared to celebrate his 11th birthday on March 9, his mom was asking for help to make sure Colin’s birthday was extra special this year.

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    At What Age Should Kids Be Allowed to Hunt Deer with a Firearm In Michigan?

    Hundreds of thousands of hunters across Michigan headed outdoors as the state's regular firearm deer hunting season opened November 15. Changes that took effect in 2011 allow hunters as young as 10 years old to hunt deer with a firearm. Children ages 9 years old and younger can hunt under the Michigan Department of Natural Resources' Mentored Youth Hunting Program.

  • Ivan Bliznetsov/ThinkStock
    Ivan Bliznetsov/ThinkStock

    Where to Trick or Treat Indoors in West Michigan -- Halloween 2014

    With it being a chilly Halloween, while neighborhood trick or treating is fun, indoor trick-or-treating is a lot warmer. 100.5 The River offered a list of places in greater Grand Rapids and West Michigan where it was offered.

  • Andreas Rentz/Getty Images
    Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

    Where to Cut Your Own Christmas Tree in Grand Rapids, West Michigan

    As Christmas neared, the search for the perfect Christmas tree was on. 100.5 The River's guide to Christmas trees in greater Grand Rapids and West Michigan helped with the search. Christmas trees are big business in Michigan. Michigan produces more than a dozen varieties of trees, the most of any state in the U.S.

  • Matt Milhouse
    Matt Milhouse

    LEGO Exhibit Coming to Grand Rapids Public Museum

    “Dream it, Build it” a collection of architectural models made out of LEGO bricks, visited the Grand Rapids Public Museum for a limited time and opened March 1.

    The exhibit featured 13 LEGO brick recreations of some of the most famous architectural structures in the world created by Adam Reed Tucker. Tucker's works on exhibit included the Burj Khalifa, the Empire State Building, the Jin Mao Tower and the Gateway Arch. As part of the exhibition, Tucker created a scaled model of the Van Andel Museum Center building.

  • Alex Wong/Getty Images
    Alex Wong/Getty Images

    Watch Frosty The Snow Goat Take His First Steps With a Wheelchair

    Well, this is awesome. This little goat's name is Frosty "The Snow Goat," and he's being cared for by the folks at Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary in Australia. When Frosty came to the sanctuary, he was suffering from a debilitating disease and was full of infection. Because of that, his back legs didn't work, so they got him his own tiny goat wheelchair.

  • Lisette M. Azar/CBS
    Lisette M. Azar/CBS

    ‘Big Brother’ Legend Dan Gheesling Responds to Comparisons to 'Big Brother 16' House Guest Derrick

    "Big Brother 16" house guest Derrick Levasseur is drawing comparisons to "Big Brother" legend Dan Gheesling both inside and outside the Big Brother house on the CBS-TV show.

  • NASA

    Meteor Shower Could Bring 200 Meteors Per Hour, Michigan Among Best Places to View

    The Camelopardalids meteor shower was discovered in 2004. May brought the the first opportunity to see the Camelopardalids, and Michigan was among the best areas in the world to see the display.

  • SNVV/ThinkStock

    Spectacular Neighborhood Lights Displays in West Michigan

    It’s always fun to drive around and look at Christmas lights. As always, there are some great displays to enjoy in Grand Rapids and West Michigan this year.

  • Nick Ulivieri Photography
    Nick Ulivieri Photography

    Waterspout in the Snow Over Lake Michigan

    Natural occurrences are pretty spectacular, as this Lake Michigan waterspout shows.

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