Whitmer: 50, Fashionable And Fabulous!
She's the 49th Governor of Michigan and the second female ever elected to the position. And now Gretchen Whitmer is 50. She celebrated her birthday on Monday. She did it with a fashion show of leather jackets, her "super power".
Very Special Birthday
Colin has a disability which makes socializing and making friends difficult.
As Colin prepares to celebrate his 11th birthday on March 9, his mom is asking for help to make sure Colin's birthday is extra special this year.
My First Happy Birthday Song From Keegan & Ava!
My friend Mary brought her two grand daughters over because they wanted to hand deliver the birthday cards that they made for me.  On the way out the door Mary got them to serenade me with a quick Happy Birthday Song.  Here is Keegan and Ava singing me my personalized Happy Birthday Song..…