Our Spring weather, it is Spring isn't it, has been crazy! We in West Michigan have had colder than average high temperatures for thirteen days in a row. Not exactly what you hope for when it's Spring, but thankfully we are about to break out of it. 

Today is the day, thankfully, that a warm front is expected to move out of the plains and into the Great Lakes. Fox 17's meteorologist Kevin Craig says we're going to bounce back to more seasonal like temperatures. We should actually not be too far above average today with highs in the middle 60s, but tomorrow, Tuesday, we bounce, we're certainly used to that, the other way, way above normal  with highs tomorrow around 80! Are we now considered the weather boomerang state? Seems like it.

With the warm weather, showers and thunderstorms, of course. Probably, not severe, but non the less, a bit stormy. Then we bounce back down a bit so cooler air will return to put us back down to around normal.

Crazy, huh? Yep, but it does look like we will finally see Spring and have it stick.


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