WOW! We haven't seen a winter snow storm like this one in quite awhile. And, it's not stopping. This will last awhile!

We're about three feet of snow below normal, but, hey, do we have to make up for it now?

I guess so. With this arctic blast we're getting,  Erik Kostrzewa , Kevin Craig , and Anthony Domol, Fox17 meteorologists, are saying we could see upwards of 6 inches here in Grand Rapids, and up to 10 inches along the lakeshore. Whoa! And, wind chills?With the high winds and low temperatures, our wind chills this morning are from 0 to 10 below. Yikes!

The good news is that it is a snow day for kids. Nearly every school was closed today. Yay!!

It’s was tough driving this morning, for sure, and the rest of the day won't be much better. I can attest to that. I left really early to get into the studio and it was very tough, slow and slippery.

Speaking of the roads, drive only if you have to for a bit. The Kent County Road Commission will have trucks on the roads around the clock, but with all the snow and super cold temperatures, it’s still going to be super slick. Salt works best at 25 degrees and above, so they’re going to be spreading sand for traction.

Be really careful and alert. We’ve been spoiled with the light winter we’ve had so far. Not now. It’s baaaaack!.

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