That was a nice snow storm we had yesterday morning. Fun driving in it, right? Not exactly, but for snow bunnies is was welcomed. So, is that it? Nope! Not a chance, no way, as there is more winter-stuff coming tomorrow, Friday, New Years Day!

FOX 17 Chief Meteorologist Kevin Craig said that from Ottawa, Kent, and Ionia Counties, we saw 4 to 7" of snow from this past system. And, with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s, cleanup was made easier. But, we're not out of the woods yet. Kevin says another system arrives tomorrow and will probably be a wintry mix that will shift to a plain rain as warmer air gets dragged northward into West Michigan through the day. There could be some freezing rain depending on how the temperatures and track of the system pan out.

What about next week? At least for the first week of January, 2021, we'll catch a break with slightly above average temperatures with mainly partly cloudy, dry conditions for the first week. Not too bad! We all know more snow, and probably lots of it, will hit back at us sometime in January and February, but for now, I'll take the relief.


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