humane society of west michigan

Meet Mango
Meet Mango! This handsome, long-haired boy is such a fun, goofy cat, and SO full of purrsonality! Mango is talkative, adventurous, loves to wander and play, play, play.
Meet Indy
Indy is a handsome 4-year-old pup who is whip-smart and eager to please!
Meet Stella
This is Stella, a 7-year-old sweetheart who can be a bit shy at first, and would likely do well in a quiet, routine environment, but she has a lovely curiosity about her!
Meet Hamilton
This adorable honey-baked hippo is as sweet as his nickname implies. He's a very loving pup and an extreme snuggler--he likes to be around his people at all times! This 3-year-old meatball head is bouncy and fun, has loads of energy, and is up for any adventure!
Meet Sunny
Meet Sunny! Sunny needs time to feel safe, but she enjoys the company of other cats and may do best in a home with another, more confident cat who can show her the ropes!
Meet Geno
Geno, a rambunctious 2-year-old pup who is the very definition of FUN! He loves people, loves to run, has a huge smile, and an adorable bow-legged gait.
Meet Kiki
Kiki, a 13-year-old Silver Paws kitty!
She is a sweet soft girl who appreciates a gentle approach and is looking for someone willing to give her time and space to adjust.

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