If you are looking for a cuddle buddy to snuggle up with during this cold, spring weather then you should meet golden girl, Mya!

Mya LOVES people and will follow them around for pets and attention. This super sweet senior does great with kids and feline friends, and while she loves her foster home, Mya is looking for a loving home she can retire to and call her own. Plus--who could resist her gorgeous, molten gold eyes?

If you'd like to learn more or adopt Mya, visit our website at www.hswestmi.org/adoptablecats.html

Become a Foster!

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Speaking of foster homes, Humane Socitey of West Michigan needs more foster caretakers!

Fostering is a rewarding experience, where you get to provide a temporary home to a shelter animal while they wait for the right adopters to come along.

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We need fosters for all kinds of animals–dogs, cats, and small animals too! Some of our shelter pets are particularly shy and scared, finding a foster home can make a huge difference compared to the loud and busy shelter environment. Other pets have just been here too long and would love a place to relax and unwind!

How To Get Involved

Thinking about signing up to become a foster? Fostering for HSWM is completely free!

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All supplies are provided, all potential medical care is provided, and you have a support system to help you along every step of the way! You will be guided by our Foster Coordinator and several other staff members to help teach you any skills you might need to know, and answer all of your questions! We strive to make fostering efficient and beneficial, for both the animals AND our foster caretakers.

You can fill out a survey to become a foster on our website at hswestmi.org/foster, or by going to the "Foster" tab!

Could you be a ‘Unicorn’ Foster?

If you don’t have any pets or children in your home, we especially need you to foster!

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Some of our rescue pets are afraid of other animals and may be more timid of children or loud environments. They are still TOTAL sweethearts but just need a quieter, more routine home so they can blossom–so we’re always in need of foster homes with no pets or children where these animals can go to unwind! However, if you do have pets and kids, there are plenty of pets that need you too!

To learn all about fostering, visit our website at hwestmi.org/foster!

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