VIDEO: Bad Dog Starts House Fire
A bad dog, trying to grab food off the counter, started a house fire recently in Lake Orion, MI.
Many of us have had a dog that thought they could just help themselves to food that was left on the counter. One Michigan dog accidentally started a fire while being naughty...
Meet Susie Q
Susie is a fun-loving pup who will always keep you smiling!
She would benefit from an active family, and she loves to explore outside in the fenced yards at HSWM and play with toys!
Are You ‘Fed Up’?
Have you ever said that you were "Fed Up"? You've had enough? You're done? If you have ever said this, you got that phrase from falconry. "Hoodwinked", "Under My Thumb" and "Wrapped Around Your Finger" all stem from the sport of falconry too.
Meet Chuckie
Chuckie loves to snuggle and be around her people. Chuckie would do best in a home with older, respectful children

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