Today is Wet Nose Wednesday on Andy in the Morning, and you need to meet Cookie from the Humane Society of West Michigan! Just as sweet as her name, Cookie is the very definition of a cuddle bug.

She'll never jump up on you but will slowly crawl her way into a hug if you'll let her. She will wave at you for pets and attention and is happy to lounge on any comfy surface you offer her. This fancy lady enjoys having breakfast in bed (girl same) and loves to follow her people around. Cookie always wants to be in on the action and likes go on long walks through the woods--she's very polite on a leash!


This pretty black and white lady is very food motivated and enjoys any type of treat you offer her--especially the cookies she's named after! She's also playful and really enjoys playing with toys of all kinds. Open your heart and your home to Cookie today!

Learn more about Cookie and other pets in our care at

National Volunteer Appreciation Week

It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week!

Rep. Tony Cardenas Promotes CARE Act With Beagles Rescued From Research Facility
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As a 105(c3) non-profit animal shelter, there is no way we could do all of the good work that we do without our amazing volunteers! Volunteers are integral in making sure our animals receive enrichment, matching adopters with their perfect fur-iends, fostering pets until they're adopted, and even helping out with tasks around the building. From all of us at Humane Society of West Michigan, thank you to our volunteers for everything you do!

Interested in volunteering with HSWM? Learn how to get involved on our website at

Heartworm Awareness

April is also Heartworm Awareness Month, do you know how heartworm spreads and infects your pets?

Dogs Are Micro Chipped By The PDSA Ahead Of Compulsory Law Change
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Heartworms are transferred by mosquito bites from one infected pet to the next. Once bitten by an infected mosquito, the larvae mature and live in an animal’s heart and lungs, causing all sorts of issues for your beloved pet, from trouble breathing, all the way to life-threatening infection. Cats are also susceptible to heartworm, so it's especially important to make sure all of your pets are protected!

Swing by during our open hours to purchase a box of flea & tick prevention for your cats and dogs, and heartworm prevention for your pups–for less than you'd pay on Amazon!

Heartworm Clinic

New York's Animal Medical Center Provides Advanced Treatments For Pets
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If you’re struggling financially to afford preventative Heartworm care, HSWM is here to help! Next Tuesday, April 25th, from 3-5pm, we'll be hosting an onsite Heartworm Clinic to help you make sure your pups are heartworm free!

For just $10, we will be performing heartworm tests and giving out 6 months of heartworm prevention as well! Bring your ID, proof of government assistance, and no more than 3 dogs with you. Spots are limited so sign-up is required! To register, email Ashley, our Director of Community Programs at


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