Meet the prettiest calico you've ever seen--Christine!
This gorgeous kitty has lovely fur, little white mittens, and big, beautiful green eyes! She can be a bit shy at first when meeting new people, but with patience and time she warms up and will lean into your hand for pets. Christine would do best in a quiet routine home, with older respectful kids who can interact with her gently. If you're an introvert looking for a new best friend to chill out with at home--Christine is the girl for you!
Learn more about Christine and more pets in our care at

Cannonsburg Canicross

'Actuel Dogs' - Luxury Dogs Hotel Visit
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Join HSWM for the Cannonsburg Canicross this Sunday, April 16th--a fun run you can do with your pup--while supporting pets in need!
If you and your dog are serious athletes, sign up for the competitive 5k, or just run the 5k for fun! If you and your pup prefer to take breaks, join for the 1-mile run so your dog can sniff and explore at their own pace. Best of all, all proceeds will be donated to the rescue animals at HSWM!
Sign up today at

Vaccine Clinic

Have you fallen on hard times? Do your pets have overdue vaccines?

Drive Through Pet Vaccine Clinic Held Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
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Then join HSWM next Thursday, April 20th, from 3-5pm at SECOM Resource Center for our next offsite Community Vaccine Clinic to support YOU, our community members! No appointments are necessary, just bring your pet and qualifying paperwork and let us help you!
To learn if you qualify and to see a full list of services available, visit our website at

VCA Earth Day

Join us at VCA Northeast Animal Hospital for their Earth Day Open House on Saturday, April 22nd, from 2-5pm!

Google Street View
Google Street View

Located at 1527 Michigan, NE, they'll be giving tours of their new hospital expansion, have games to play, good food to eat, and we'll be there with our Pet Supplies Plus trailer full of adoptable pets too!

Plus, participate in raffles to win fun prizes, and all of the proceeds will be donated back to the animals in our care. RSVP through their Facebook page @VCANortheastCatnDogHospital

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