Do You Remember Towne Club Pop?
Ahhh, the good old days. If you're from Grand Rapids or have lived here a long time then you probably remember Towne Club Pop. I do. When I first moved here it was a little bit of heaven when you could go to the Towne Club Pop centers.
Coke in a Bottle of Ice
Coke is beta testing a new bottle made entirely of ice. For now, it's only available in Colombia, but Coke reps have said that it's a big hit with beach goers in South America, so it could wind up on our shores very soon.
Coca Cola vs. Pepsi? Your favorite?
Coca Cola celebrates it's 125th anniversary this month. Many of us have a favorite -- Coke or Pepsi. Some of us could care less, even when the waitress makes a big deal out of it. Others insist on their favorite. Coke and Pepsi have been at it almost since it all began...