Ahhh, the good old days. If you're from Grand Rapids or have lived here a long time then you probably remember Towne Club Pop. I do. When I first moved here it was a little bit of heaven when you could go to the Towne Club Pop centers.

Originally out of Detroit, Towne Club expanded to Grand Rapids. The pop centers offered many more flavors of soda pop than were typically seen in grocery stores, and the pop was sold by the 24-glass-bottle wooden case. People would enter the store, grab a wooden crate, and walk around the various stacks of pop around the warehouse-type store. Customers would bring back empty bottles and cases and start all over again.

Towne Club is still around. Towne Club products are available in glass bottles with screw-top caps.

Check out an original Towne Club TV commercial.



Boy, those were the days. And, those prices? One can only dream.

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