I wrote about this several months ago, Crystal Pepsi. Remember, as they say, back in the day? It was a drink that blew all our minds because it was clear instead of syrupy-brown. Well, now it's Coke's turn.....again!

Coca Cola just announced that they are coming out with Coca Cola Clear, but unfortunately only in Japan, for now.

Back in the day, when Crystal Pepsi came out, it didn't last very long, Coke tried to equal them with Tab Clear. It flopped about as fast as Pepsi.

It may seem like crazy science, but really all they do is take out the caramel ingredient, which gives it the color.

The website High Snobiety says that according to Kotaku, Cola-Cola Japan tested more than 50 different sample recipes, settling on a clear zero-calorie version with the caramel flavor replaced by a hint of lemon.

There are no plans right now for the drink to come out in the United States, so you may need to find a connection in Japan. Meanwhile, if you're still hot for Crystal Pepsi, it's still available online on sites like eBay for around $15 a bottle. Hey, you had better grab a case!


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