With the introduction of some new flavors of Diet Coke, and the re-designed can, coming out, I thought it would be fun to look back to see what else Coca Cola, Coke, had come up with, or tried, for the public in the past. Low and behold, I found OK Cola!

From the website, GR Retro, I present to you OK Cola. Do you remember?

It was 1993 when Coke was aggressively courting the Generation Xers, and they introduced this carbonated "beverage, OK Cola. It was an expiremental soda concept. The cans and bottles had artwork from popular underground comic artists of the time like Daniel Clowes, Peter Bagge, Evan Dorkin, etc. The drink's slogan was "Everything is going to be OK."



I never had any, as it was only sold in certain "test" markets, including Detroit, but reports were it tasted kind of like they mixed it from all the spigots on a pop dispenser, and it was cancelled 7-months after it's debut.

At any rate, the cans were kind of cool. Probably worth a pretty penny now, if someone every saved one.

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