Brianna from the Humane Society of West Michigan wasn't able to come into the studio yesterday morning but we talked on the phone about Kow Kow!

KowKow is under the tree and ready to ring in the holidays by finding her furever home!

She may start off shy at first, but don’t let that fool you, once she warms up KowKow is a very social gal! Her foster mom says, "As you can tell by her photos, KowKow is such a funny cat, with a lot of purrsonality! As you can also tell by her photos, KowKow loves food, and she'll even beg for it like a dog. If you leave your plate unattended--be warned--she WILL try to sneak some! She loves to be around her people and enjoys chatting and telling you all about her day. KowKow is also a total attention hog, and would like to be the center of attention as the only feline friend in the home, please and thank you! She does like playing, but mostly on her own time. What she really wants is a comfy place to sleep next to her people."

If you'd like to adopt KowKow, please visit our website at or contact our Adoptions Team at

Empty the Shelters, Holiday Hope Adoption Event!

‘Tis the season for another Bissell's Holiday Hope - Empty the Shelters event!

From Tuesday, December 7th to Saturday, December 18th, BISSELL Pet Foundation and Cathy Bissell will sponsor adoption costs, so that all of the cats and dogs in our care will be only be $25 to adopt, small animals will only be $5 to adopt, and as always, senior pets are fee-waived!

Mark your calendars for this amazing opportunity, and together let's Empty the Shelters!

Winter Escape - Kid’s Night Out

Do your kids have cabin fever? Looking for something fun and festive to kick off the holiday season? Then join HSWM for our Winter Escape, Kid's Night Out on Friday, December 3rd!

Hosted at the shelter, there will be festive crafts, activities, animal time, decorating cookies, a movie, and more! It’s just $30 per child to participate, (with a $10 sibling discount) and we’re going to have a blast!

Learn more and register today at

Stocking Sponsorship

Sponsor a shelter animal for the holiday season!

When you sign up to sponsor an HSWM rescue animal, that pet will receive a stocking or wreath full of goodies and treats. Plus, available dogs will have the opportunity to go on an exciting car ride to check out all of the local Christmas light displays! Sponsorship is $50 for a dog, $35 for a cat, and $20 for a rabbit, mouse, guinea pig, or other small animals, or for $100, have the opportunity to sponsor one of each type of animal! You will receive a photo and story of the animal you sponsor and if they are fortunate enough to find a forever home before Christmas, they will get to take their gifts with them when they get adopted!

Please visit to view profiles and learn more about adopting!

Why do cats have whiskers? Why do they meow? Why do they nap so much? And answers to 47 other kitty questions:

Why do they meow? Why do they nap so much? Why do they have whiskers? Cats, and their undeniably adorable babies known as kittens, are mysterious creatures. Their larger relatives, after all, are some of the most mystical and lethal animals on the planet. Many questions related to domestic felines, however, have perfectly logical answers. Here’s a look at some of the most common questions related to kittens and cats, and the answers cat lovers are looking for.


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