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How Do You Know Your Dog Loves You
Dog love, of humans, is pretty much unconditional. We could yell at them for leaving a mess on the carpet, ignore them when we're busy, hopefully not, but possibly hit them when we're angry, but always, they come back. They truly are man's best friend. And, they love us, right?
Have Fun With Paws Claws & Corks for Humane Society
It has been a good year for the Humane Society of West Michigan. They have found permanent homes for 3,038 animals. That is very special.
Here at 100.5 The River, we're proud that we're able to partner with them for our Wet Nose Wednesday feature, a part of Andy Rent's "Andy in the Morning,"…
Mother Dog Finds a New Way to Get Her Pup Around [Video]
We have a lot of four-legged visitors to our studios. Each week, the Humane Society of West Michigan brings in a 'way-too-cute' four-legged critter, dog, cat, bunny, etc., for our Wet Nose Wednesday segment. We talk about the pet, the needs of the Humane Society, and more, to encourage pet…

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