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Meet Bert!
Meet 4-year old Bert! Soft-spoken and gentle, Bert's easy-going and affectionate personality makes him a great companion.
Meet Finn!
Finn is an 1-year-old pup who has been waiting to find his furever home since December, and would love to find it soon!
Meet Lois
Meet Lois! She's ready to be the queen of the house and would like to have all of the attention to herself.
Meet Rose
Rose is a 6.5 year old medium mixed breed. She loves to be around people and going for walks. Rose is a bit chunky due to her love of treats, and would love an adopter that will help her live an active lifestyle.
Meet Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea is a 4 year old medium mixed breed that has been looking for a home since January.
Meet Titmouse
Titmouse is a beautiful 3-month old medium hair kitten that is bonded to Jewel, a calico 2 month old kitten. They are very well socialized and will thrive in almost any home!
Meet Blue
Chico is a 4 year old Chihuahua that enjoys snuggling with blankets and quiet evenings at home. He loved just laying in the sun and snuggling while he visited us here at 100.5 The River. He loves to bury himself under his blankets.

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