Amy from the Humane Society of West Michigan wasn't able to come into the studio yesterday morning due to COVID-19, but we talked on the phone about Malcom!

We have NO idea why this incredibly cute fluff, is STILL waiting to find his furever home, after nearly 200 days waiting to be adopted! While we don't like to play favorites, we have to admit he's basically the purrfect cat! Malcom is a handsome, friendly FeLV+ cat, but don't let that scare you! While he can't go home with FeLV negative cats, he's a perfectly healthy puff and he loves other animals! His foster mom says, "Malcolm is all purrs and personality! He loves his canine foster brother and has the warmest heart! He loves to look out the window and take naps in his cat bed. He is incredibly affectionate and loves to play with cat toys! Malcolm is the very definition of a sweetheart, and we're shocked he hasn't been adopted yet! Do you have room in your home and your heart for this sweet boy?

If you’d like to give Malcom a furever home, please visit our website at

Empty the Shelters begins this week

Who’s ready to Empty the Shelters again?!

Fall is in the air, and we’re hoping you’ll ‘fall’ for one of our adoptable pets this week! From Wednesday, October 6th, to Saturday, October 9th, BISSELL Pet Foundation and Cathy Bissell will sponsor adoption costs, so that all of the adult cats and dogs in our care will be just $25 to adopt, small animals will only be $5 to adopt, and as always, senior pets are fee-waived!

Be sure not to miss out on this amazing opportunity, and together let's Empty The Shelters!

Bark in the Dark THANK YOU!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Bark in the Dark this weekend!!

We were floored by how many members of this community came out to support our pets and our mission--we are thrilled to announce that we had over 500 attendees!! We had so much fun meeting all of you, seeing your creative costumes, and THANK YOU for participating to raise funds for animals in need in West Michigan.

We can’t do this lifesaving without you, and we’re so grateful to have such an amazing community of animal lovers behind us. Thank you so much, and we hope to see you at next year’s Bark in the Dark too

Howl’N Boo

Halloween is just around the corner, and we’re planning a spooktacular celebration!

Humane Society of West Michigan invites kids of all ages to join us for a night of tricks and treats on Friday, October 15th, from 5:30pm - 8pm! Trick or Treat on our haunted trail, and compete in our costume contest for kids, pets, and duos. Enjoy spooky stories, games, food and so much more!

All families and well-behaved animals are welcome to attend--no registration required!

Please visit to view profiles and learn more about adopting!

Why do cats have whiskers? Why do they meow? Why do they nap so much? And answers to 47 other kitty questions:

Why do they meow? Why do they nap so much? Why do they have whiskers? Cats, and their undeniably adorable babies known as kittens, are mysterious creatures. Their larger relatives, after all, are some of the most mystical and lethal animals on the planet. Many questions related to domestic felines, however, have perfectly logical answers. Here’s a look at some of the most common questions related to kittens and cats, and the answers cat lovers are looking for.


































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