Megan from the Humane Society of West Michigan wasn't able to come into the studio yesterday morning due to COVID-19, but we talked on the phone about Gail!

Long-stay cat Gail has had a rough life. She came to us as part of a large-scale rescue, where she was living in a home with 25+ other cats, and had little human interaction. After arriving in our care, Gail was able to go into a foster home where she finally started to learn that people aren't so scary! However she recently had to come back to the shelter, and this poor girl isn't doing well--so we'd love to find her the purrfect home soon!

Though Gail starts off very shy, given time and a slow approach, she has blossomed into a wonderful, independent kitty! Gail likes to start each morning with wet food, and then enjoys post-breakfast scritches and cuddles. She LOVES interactive play, and isn't afraid to meow and tell you when she would like some playtime or attention. Gail has lived successfully with other cats in the past, and would do best in a home with feline friends to help show her the ropes! She is still a little frightened of new people and fast movements, so would also do best in a quiet home with older, respectful children--but if you're patient enough to let her come out of her shell, she's a total sweetie!

If you’re interested in giving Gail a furever home, please visit our website at

Bark in the Dark 2021

Join us at Rivertown Park on October 2nd from 5pm to 9pm for our ninth annual Bark in the Dark!

All proceeds from this family & dog-friendly 5K and 1-mile fun run/walk benefit animals in need at Humane Society of West Michigan! Don't want to run? Don't worry! The event features family-fun activities, including balloon animals and face painting, a pup-arazzi photo booth, and a beer tent featuring local beer, wine, & hard cider. The Independent Bank dog costume contest is also back, so start planning your pup's costume now!

Purchase your tickets TODAY through our website at

Kitten Season Support

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Cats like momma Maizey and her kittens are flooding into our shelter in record numbers--between just January and August this year--we've accepted over 500 kittens into our care!

These babies are ravenous eaters, and once they're weaned off of mom or the bottle, they need to eat high-calorie kitten-specific wet food. Unfortunately, we can't seem to keep enough in stock and we're COMPLETELY OUT, again!! We need YOUR support to feed these hungry kittens! To make a donation, please drop off items in the donation bin in our entryway, anytime during our open hours, or you can donate through our Amazon or Chewy Wish Lists linked linked on our website, and have them mailed to us at 3077 Wilson Drive NW, Grand Rapids MI, 49534.

Thank you so much for doing all that you can to support us this kitten season, as a 100% donor-funded organization, it's only through your generous donations that we're able to do this great work!

Cannonsburg Sweet Shop

Join HSWM at the Cannonsburg Sweet Shop on Tuesday, September 14th from 4-9 pm to for an evening full of treats, for both people and pups! We’ll be there with our Adoption Trailer, so stop by to meet adoptable dogs, and enjoy delicious sweets!

Please visit to view profiles and learn more about adopting!

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