Candy is great and all, but trick-or-treaters in northeast Grand Rapids could get a lot more than sweets this Halloween.

WZZM-13 reports that the Geek Group, a non-profit science and technology educational organization, is giving out 250 desktop computers to local kids. 

The computers will be handed out 6 to 8p.m. at the Geek Group science lab at 902 Leonard Street on Monday, Oct. 31. to the first 250 trick-or-treaters.

The only stipulation is that kids be under 16.

The computers come with Linux installed and the Geek Group will provide a keyboard and mouse, if needed. Geek Group Founder Chris Boden explains in a Facebook post,

Most people have an old monitor kicking around and they’re easy to scrounge so we’re not worrying about those. We’re giving you the expensive part, the actual computer. Almost everyone has a monitor, keyboard, and mouse with an old junk computer lying around. Simply upgrading to a new box is usually enough to make all the other bits perfectly useful.

Boden continues,

Whatever your kids do with these computers is entirely up to them. We ask nothing in return, we have no expectations. We are doing this because The Geek Group exists to help make our community a better place through education and access to technology and equipment. One of the best ways to do that is to simply get them access to their own computer. If they want to use it for school, watch videos, or just take it apart and tinker with it, we’re good with that.

The Geek Group will be handing out handy candy as well.