For many families and individuals across the U.S., the holidays will be spent with the ones they love.

However, a new study that looked at the impact of technology on Americans' lives suggests digital devices are impacting quality family time together.

The Foresters Tech Timeout survey of 1,507 U.S. adults ages 25 to 55 years old living with a family member was conducted online in late 2013 by The Harris Poll and commissioned by Foresters, a Toronto-based international financial services provider.

Thirty eight percent consider the use of electronic devices during the holidays to be at least somewhat annoying.

The survey showed that Christmas, followed by Thanksgiving, ranked as the top holidays in which device usage by family members is most annoying. More than half (54 percent) indicated that this behavior during holidays is somewhat, very or extremely annoying. Also, most (63 percent) would like to ban the use of technology during family holiday meals and almost half (45 percent) would like to ban the use of technology during holidays entirely.

"The holidays remind us to stop and take the time to appreciate the important things in life," said Tony Garcia, president and CEO of Foresters, in a statement. "Statistics like these demonstrate the benefits to family well-being that can be realized by taking a break from technology.

"Putting digital devices away is a meaningful gesture of gratitude family members will appreciate and can help make this holiday season one families can truly celebrate."

As a solution to what they see as a growing dilemma that is impacting family well-being and, in some cases, fostering social isolation among people who live under the same roof, Foresters suggests a tech timeout to encourage families to reconnect in a more meaningful way.

By unplugging for an hour, a meal, or an entire holiday, families can improve their relationship with each other.

So, unplug and engage in more conversation and activities.

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