Grand Rapids Geek Group Giving out 250 Computers on Halloween
Candy is great and all, but trick-or-treaters in northeast Grand Rapids could get a lot more than sweets this Halloween.
WZZM-13 reports that the Geek Group, a non-profit science and technology educational organization, is giving out 250 desktop computers to local kids.
Small Business Cyber Threat is Big Threat for West Michigan
The Small Business Development Center of Michigan (SBDC) announced its efforts to assist Michigan small businesses in evaluating risk of cyber threats by offering a free risk assessment tool.
The initiative, which centers on a website assessment tool that evaluates risk and provides cyber security re…
Idea: Unplug for the Holidays
For many families and individuals across the U.S., the holidays will be spent with the ones they love.
However, a new study that looked at the impact of technology on Americans' lives suggests digital devices are impacting quality family time together.
You Could Lose Your Internet Connection Monday
What's up with this?  I might lose the internet?
Come Monday, more than a quarter of a million PC users around the country, could find themselves cut off from the Internet.   The FBI will be taking down a safety net they had put up to protect us from this very thing, a specific piece …
Do You Have A New Baby? There’s An App For that!
My wife and I are out of the baby business.  After 7 kids, mine and ours, we've 'been-there/done-that."
Now, our 'kids' are having their own kids, and it is fun to watch them go through the same things we went through.  Except, today, young parents have so many …
Having Fun With My New iPad
Santa, aka my kids, was/were, good to me this Christmas.  I got an iPad!
What fun!  What an amazing product.  This little tablet that connects you to the world using only your fingertips!  Amazing!
Using Your Computer While Watching TV
Here is a question, how many of you are reading this, while watching t.v. at the same time. I can't tell you how often I've wished I had my computer handy as I watched television. There are times I'd like to check a website mentioned during a commercial...
Nothing Better Than A New Computer
Let's hear it for the big wheels at Townsquare Media. ( Townsquare is our corporate owner ) While most companies are cutting people and support, Townsquare is adding. We've hired several new account executives -- great news -- and several of us have new, faster computers...
Cheaper Laptops In West Michigan
My kids have been crying out for a laptop computer. They say they need one for school. Only one is in high school for goodness sake. College, that is something different. I understand most colleges require freshmen to have a laptop. Great...