Here is a question, how many of you are reading this, while watching t.v. at the same time. I can't tell you how often I've wished I had my computer handy as I watched television. There are times I'd like to check a website mentioned during a commercial. Several t.v. shows promote their website as a place to find additional material on the show I am watching. I even watch the real estate channel and hope to find more information about a house no one I know can afford.

As the media becomes more interconnected, people's TV watching habits are starting to change. According to a new interclick survey, 35-percent of TV viewers are active on their computers, mobile devices, or tablets while watching the tube. They aren't simply multi-tasking, but are further engaged with the show. Seventeen-percent are posting comments on the program they're watching, and another 17-percent are chatting with others who are tuned in to the same show. Fifteen-percent are online watching an episode of the series that they previously missed, and ten-percent are researching the program they're viewing. The reality show audience tends to be the most interactive in their TV viewing.