Santa, aka my kids, was/were, good to me this Christmas.  I got an iPad!

What fun!  What an amazing product.  This little tablet that connects you to the world using only your fingertips!  Amazing!

Now, I'm starting to add apps.


That's something else.  There are only a bazillion!  Good grief, what do I choose?  How many games can one person play, or, how many news sources can one person read, or.....I don't know.  And, I don't say that lightly.

I put Facebook on, which, I found, is the most popular app out there, followed by Angry Birds, which, of course, is the next most popular app.  I can't stop playing that thing, too.  I think I'm beginning to hate birds.

My search continues, and I'll take suggestions if you have some good "app-tips," but, here is a list I found of the most popular free, and paid, apps for you to look over.  You probably have all of them.

Top FREE Apps - Facebook, free version of Angry Birds,Temple run, Facebook messenger, Magic Guitar, Pet Shop Story, Magic Piano, Social girl, Pandora Radio, Words With Friends, Skype for iPad, Weather Channel.

Top PAID Apps - Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Words With Friends, Where's My Water?, Dut the Rope, Camera+, Madden NFL12, Tiny Wings, Doodle Jump, Angry Birds Seasons.

Good luck sorting through the App world.  My mind is already spinning!