My wife and I are out of the baby business.  After 7 kids, mine and ours, we've 'been-there/done-that."

Now, our 'kids' are having their own kids, and it is fun to watch them go through the same things we went through.  Except, today, young parents have so many new options that we didn't have.  Of course there are new toys that do everything but brush their kids teeth, new beds, strollers, high chairs, everything baby.

And now, baby Apps for your computer.  I'm not kidding, apps for your iPhone/iPad/Driod, that can help you raise your newest family member.

I'll give it to you that raising a child, especially when their little, is pretty nerve-wracking/mind-blowing.  Between feedings, diapers and naps, new parents have a lot to think about.

So, for all tech-savvy parents out come the Apps!

Lets say you have an underweight baby.   An app can help you keep feedings regular and provide a record for your pediatrician. It also could also help you remember when your baby last napped.

However, you can't just rely on the app itself.  I mean, really, let's say the app says it’s not yet time to change a diaper but the diaper says 'I'm pretty full,' use your head, not your app!

Note to 'tech parents,' if it helps to use one of the apps, go ahead.   Just don’t be silly about it.  After all, kids have been raised without tools like this for generations and we turned out okay, right?  Don't answer that!