The Osborne family in Washington Township got quite a scare Sunday night.

Fox 2 reports that Jack Osborne was awakened by the sound of breaking glass. He went to investigate, thinking someone had broken in the house. 

Well, he was almost right, something had come crashing through his basement windows. Two somethings, in fact.

Osborne said he was taking in the destruction: a hole in the window, glass all over the place, a knocked over plant-- when suddenly a head popped up. The head belonged to a coyote.

"I don't think my feet hit the stairs when I was going up the stairs.I took off running and called 911 and they called animal control," Osbourne told Fox 2.

Animal control was able to get the coyote out. It was as they were leaving that Osborne spotted the second coyote.

Osborne says he was freaking out and ran back up the stairs and caught the officer as he was backing out the driveway, "I said, 'Wait a minute, we have another problem - there is another guy down there.'"

Animal control was able to get the second coyote up the stairs and outside, and released it as they had the first one.

Osborne thinks mating season may have something to do with his furry intruders; He believes the first coyote was a female being chased by a male.

Osborne says the whole situation is very unusual and warns neighbors to be on watch, especially if they have small pets that could be harmed by the coyotes.

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