The holidays are over and now it's time to discard your tree. What are you gonna do with it?  How about feed some hungry goats? Goats at a farm in New Era would love to dispose of it for you.

Lewis Farms and Petting Zoo has been asking for your Christmas trees for 15 years. The dropped off trees are inspected for ornaments and taken to the goats pen for consumption. The pine needles are loaded with Vitamin C and they are a natural worm control for the animals.

Public Relations Director, Jenny Ferels said,

"They kind of descend upon the tree as if it's the greatest thing they've ever seen. They smell a lot better after they've been playing in pine."

WZZM TV is reporting that you can drop of your tree through out January. Lewis Farms and Petting Zoo is located in New Era at 4180 W M-20. You can drop off your tree in the main parking lot right next to the sign that says, "Thank you for the tree-mendous treat!"

Lewis Farms and Petting Zoo is currently closed for the regular season. When they do open, they offer over 46 attractions, hundreds of animals and an apple orchard.

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