Heather from the Humane Society of West Michigan wasn't able to come into the studio yesterday morning due to COVID-19, but we talked on the phone about Azriel!

Not only is Azriel tall, dark, and mysterious, with striking hazel eyes, this handsome man will happily slip into the shadows to protect you from any who might wish you harm. Though you may have been taught to fear his kind, and black cats like him--Azriel would be happy to assure you with a quiet smile, that once you get to know him--he's a real softy. Azriel has a beautiful voice and loves to sing, and will be happy to talk to you all day long! This misunderstood character has always desired a family of his own, and is hoping to find love soon! He promises not to judge you for ANY of your book choices, and will be happy to curl up in your lap while you read--political fae romance novels or otherwise!

If you'd like to adopt this loveable shadow, visit our website at hswestmi.org/adoptablecats

Halloween Safety

With Howl-o-ween almost upon us, it's always good to remember the safety of our pets during festivities! Halloween may be your favorite holiday, but many pets don't like this spooky season. Here are a few tips to keep your pets safe and happy this weekend:

- Keep all candy and treats out of reach! Chocolate, artificial sweeteners, wrappers and more can be deadly to our pets. If you believe your pet has ingested anything they shouldn't have, contact the Emergency Veterinary Hospital in your area. You may also call the ASPCA Poison Control Center for help at (888) 426-4435
- Not all pets enjoy wearing costumes, so make sure your pet isn’t uncomfortable or scared when dressing up. For those that don’t mind putting on a fun costume, be sure that costumes do not obstruct vision, breathing, or make walking difficult.
- If you’re going to party, leave pets in the safety of your home, and make sure that they’re wearing a collar with tags! Even the most confident, well-mannered pets may become stressed in the presence of trick-or-treaters in their costumes, and may try to escape while the door is opening and closing.

We hope your families have fun and stay safe this weekend, people and pups alike!

The Haunting of Storybook Hollow

Looking for a fun, safe activity to celebrate Halloween this year? Check out Serpentina, from this year's Top 5 Art Prize pieces, who’s slithered back home to The Haunting of Storybook Hollow to help collect donations for the pets in our care!

Visit this haunted hollow at 4970 Biddeford Drive Comstock Park to view a family-friendly neighborhood Halloween display like none you've ever seen before! Explore the winding castle path to enjoy the enchanting, spooky sights, and while you're at it, leave an item or two from our Shelter Wish List to support pets in need at HSWM.

See you there... if you dare!

Kibble Konnection Food Distribution Days

Times are tough, and if you're struggling to get enough money together to make sure your pets are fed--HSWM wants to help! We'll be hosting twice-monthly Kibble Konnection Distribution Days for underserved community members who need assistance feeding their pets. These are ideal for those needing one time assistance or those not located near a participating food pantry. Stop by our shelter to pick up a bag of dry kibble for your furbaby!

November's upcoming dates are:

Tuesday, November 2nd 4pm-7pm

Friday, November 12th 10am-1pm

Please visit www.hswestmi.org to view profiles and learn more about adopting!


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