Parker from the Humane Society of West Michigan wasn't able to come into the studio this morning due, of course, to the Coronavirus, but talked on the phone with me about Willy for Wet Nose Wednesday.

Willy (One-Eyed Willy to be exact)! Willy is 3 years old and as his name suggests he has only one eye. His story is pretty incredible.

Willy arrived at Humane Society of West Michigan on Thursday 3/26 after being found in a box by a Good Samaritan. He had a severely injured eye. An emergency surgery was performed to remove the affected eye. A lump was found on Willie's neck, and upon further inspection the lump was determined to be a bullet. Willy's eye injuries were the result of a gunshot. Despite his past, Willy has been nothing less than affectionate and trusting throughout his care and has been a light for staff during our closure. While we do not know who did this to him, we know for sure that Willy will spend the rest of his life safe and loved.

Animals like Willy are given a second chance thanks to supporters like you. HSWM’s Buddy Fund was created so that animals with extreme need can receive specialized medical or behavioral care that would not otherwise be possible. Please consider making a donation to support animals like Willy through the link below:

Willy was found in the area of 8th ave and Lincoln St. Other area roads are Country Lane and Johnson. If you have more information about Willy's circumstances, please contact us by emailing

You can get all the information on the Humane Society website or call (616) 453-8900.

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