Road kill is a common site on Michigan highways. Many animals may be salvaged, but it has to be done legally.

The Michigan DNR explains the laws of Michigan road kill which underwent some changes a few years ago.

Who gets to keep it?

The Michigan DNR says, "The driver of the vehicle has first choice to take possession of the game. If the driver leaves it, another individual make take it for salvage."

Using your vehicle to intentionally hit animals is not allowed.

You Need a Permit

Wildlife killed by vehicles can only be claimed with a valid permit. The salvage permit is free and you can apply for one here.

Animals You Can't Pick Up

The permit cannot be used to possess badger, bobcat, brant, coot, crow, bear cub, duck, elk, fisher, Florida gallinule, goose, marten, moose, otter, snipe, sora rail, spotted fawn deer, Virginia rail, wild turkey, wolf, or woodcock.

Special Rules for Deer and Bear

Deer and bear may also be picked up. The new laws have made it easier than it used to be, but there are still steps that need to be taken. This chart from Midland County breaks it down.

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