An artist statement placed next to an entry at ArtPrize can be both important and helpful when you're trying to see hundreds of pieces of art in one day. Some artist statements are great, some are pretentious and some are completely honest.

Larry Binkowski's Binky the Travel Rat Visits ArtPrize can be seen outside of Courtyard by Marriott Downtown, during ArtPrize 10. It's sitting right by the sidewalk and it's hard to miss. If you hang around long enough you'll see people taking selfies with Binky. It's what the artist wants.

Artist Larry Binkowski says:

There is no deep philosophical underlying meaning in creating Binky. He’s just a big rat that I thought would be a fun addition to ArtPrize.

It would have been easy to come up with a long-winded artist statement for Binky (it might even help you win ArtPrize bingo) but that's not the point of the big rat.

Binky is not stuck in a maze of life eternally chasing cheese as a metaphor for elusive happiness.

Binky is just there for fun.

Matt Milhouse, TSM
Matt Milhouse, TSM