We've all taken selfies with our phones, right? Of course. You take them at parties, restaurants, concerts, random travels around town, dozens of other places.

How far would you go, or what chances would you take, to shoot what you considered to be your ultimate selfie? What do you think you would do to take the topper of all toppers?

These guys, daredevil lunatics, climbed a big old building to take their selfie. And, not just any big building.  It was one of China's largest skyscrapers.

You must watch this video, if you have the nerve. Put it on full screen. Oh, my!



Speechless, aren't you. Shun Hing Square Tower is 1,260 feet tall in Shenzhen, China. With a 59 meters spire.

This is the third tallest in Shenzhen and 28th tallest in the world.

No thanks!

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