This is the Ultimate Selfie [Video]
We've all taken selfies with our phones, right? Of course. You take them at parties, restaurants, concerts, random travels around town, dozens of other places.
How far would you go, or what chances would you take, to shoot what you considered to be your ultimate selfie? What do you think you would do…
Take Selfie With ArtPrize Dragon
ArtPrize artist Lou Rodriguez's "I Used to be an Octopus" is a 20 foot dragon at Calder Plaza. One of the dragon's claws also works as a seat. Rodriguez is encouraging visitors to have a seat and take a selfie.
The Animal Guy Pet Selfie Contest – Voting
Who’s your buddy?
That’s right: We know you love your doggies, kitties and other pets — rodents, included –out there. And we want to reward you for that love, whether it’s for man’s best friend, your feline companio…