If you missed the downtown Amway Family Fireworks last night at the Ford Presidential Museum, you missed one of the most spectacular shows ever and a wonderful night for families.

I had a ball Emceeing the evening. And, it began with the National Anthem, beautifully sung by Charlee Ward. Then, it was on with the bands, Hank Mowrey & the Hawktones, Delusions of Adequacy, Sundry, and Hey Marco to finish it up. They were all outstanding!

We threw out tee-shirts and all sorts of swag to the crowd. There were food truck, family and kid activities, and so much more. But, what is it that people really come for? THE FIREWORKS!! And they didn't disappoint, Wave after wave of breath-taking explosions. That is, until what should have been the Grand Finale. There were so many exciting displays, that all thought "this must be it." Everything was firing off, and then, more would come. But, at the end, is just stopped, and it was a few minutes before the announcement came telling everyone to be safe driving home. Not exactly the ending folks had been waiting for. Was there a glitch? Yes. Event organizers told 24 Hour News 8 two of the racks of fireworks would not ignite so the grand finale was skipped. Still, the nearly 30-minutes show was fantastic.

Andy Rent
Andy Rent

All told, from the Ford Museum lawn, to bridges over the Grand, to roof tops, and streets throughout downtown Grand Rapids, there probably were well over 100,000 people, having fun, and celebrating the good old U.S. of A!

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