Theater is alive and well in Grand Rapids.

How about spending an exciting, exhilarating,  thrilling, (enough with the adjectives), night at the theater.  Going to the movies is great, but I have two wonderful, legitimate theater, ideas for you.

Broadway Grand Rapids has brought in


"White Christmas" the musical, to DeVos Performance Hall this week, through Sunday.  It's one of the most 'magical' night's you'll spend at DeVos.  Created from the Bing Crosby/Danny Kaye 1950's Paramount Pictures movie, White Christmas has everybody's favorite songs teamed with some of the best 'hoofing,' that's dancing, I've seen in a while.  The beautiful production, sets, costumes, etc. together with the great cast and orchestra make the two and one half hour fly by.  Okay, the plot is pretty thin, the jokes thinner, but this is what musical theater is all about, and a holiday 'must see.'  Better leaves town Sunday evening.

The second choice is Civic Theater's


"Wizard of OZ."  Grand Rapids Civic is known for first rate, quality, professional productions, and Wizard is number one!  This, too, is something for the whole family.

The cast and production crew really pull off a great show.  And, Civic has added some cool technical improvements from past "OZ" productions, better sound system, lighting, and great flight rigging for those 'flying monkeys.'  It will be a great night at the theater.

So, get out out of your rut and get yourself to the theater.  It will be s wonderful 'holiday treat!'

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