white christmas

A White Christmas? Maybe!
The Michigan snow machine has totally underachieved this year, but there is still hope that there may be some Yuletide magic that brings snow to all of us for Christmas. Hopefully.
White Christmas?
As we were sweating out a 50 degree day today the chance of a white Christmas seemed distant, but the latest weather model suggests otherwise predicting almost 4 inches of snow.
Odds of a White Christmas
We had a white November this year, but December is off to a warmer and drier start.
Check out the historical chances of a white Christmas in West Michigan.
Spend A Wonderful Evening At The Theater
Theater is alive and well in Grand Rapids.
How about spending an exciting, exhilarating,  thrilling, (enough with the adjectives), night at the theater.  Going to the movies is great, but I have two wonderful, legitimate theater, ideas for you.
“White Christmas” Confidential
More than sixty years after Bing Crosby lent his bass-baritone croon to Irving Berlin's "White Christmas," the song still sits safely in the realm of the legendary. Who doesn't have the image of Crosby, standing in the Hollywood snow with his White Christmas co-stars, permanently frozen in…