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15 Things All Grand Rapidians Should Do at Least Once
There's no doubt about it, Grand Rapids is an awesome city. We've got lots of attractions and fun things always going on, we're a family friendly city and appeal to the younger crowd as well. Grand Rapids has A LOT to offer so no wonder why we make so many "best of" …
Hope Summer Repertory Theater has Exciting Lineup This Year
We are never at a loss for good, quality, theater in Grand Rapids and West Michigan.  Not only do we have the best of Broadway's touring shows from Broadway Grand Rapids, we have Grand Rapids Civic Theater, Spectrum Theater, Heritage Theater, Masterpiece Theater, Circle Theater, and, in th…
Spring Break Can Be Fun Right Here At Home
Spring Break!  The time of the year when families and individuals, take time off from the cold winter weather and....take a break!
Many leave.  Yeah, leave and go south seeking warmth, beaches and water.
“Harvey” Opens At Civic Theater
One thing great about Grand Rapids is that we're never at a loss for great theater.  There are so many theater companies in town and so much talent available, that there is always something extraodinary on a stage.
The grandaddy of them all, Civic Theater, opens "Harvey" t…
Spend A Wonderful Evening At The Theater
Theater is alive and well in Grand Rapids.
How about spending an exciting, exhilarating,  thrilling, (enough with the adjectives), night at the theater.  Going to the movies is great, but I have two wonderful, legitimate theater, ideas for you.