Broadway is sending its love and support to East Lansing in a very cool way.

There's been an outpowering of support from around the world for Spartan Nation after the unthinkable mass shooting on the Michigan State University campus on February 13th leaving three students killed and five others injured. In the wake of the tragedy, people, universities, communities, and organizations have reached out to show students, faculty, and parents that they are not alone in their healing process.

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The latest outpouring of support came all the way from the Great White Way of New York City. The casts and crews of Broadway's biggest shows and touring companies teamed up to send a special video greeting to Michigan State University.

The emotionally charged YouTube message features, performers from Broadway shows like A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Musical, Moulin Rouge, Wicked, Jesus Christ Superstar, 1776, and Hamilton.  In the video, the shows show love, support, and encouragement to MSU students and the MSU Department of Theatre.

According to FOX17, it was MSU alum Wes Haskell, currently the associate company manager of A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Musical, that spearheaded the video support.

"I was an MFA in Acting student at Michigan State University. And ever since [I graduated], I've lived in New York City. I was an actor for a while, and now I'm actually a company manager for Broadway shows", Haskell said."There's something about it happening on that campus where I ... felt so safe and comfortable and protected," he says. "I just have such a deep connection still to that campus, even though I haven't been there for 10 years."

Haskell told FOX17 he knew he wanted to do something to help and came up with the idea of the video.

"When the videos really started pouring in ... I teared up a little bit," Haskell recalls. "Every time I watched it, I couldn't stop crying. So it was really special. Very, very special."

Sometimes just a little bit of support from a stranger can change your world. A huge shoutout to the amazing talents on Broadway, and continued love to Spartan Nation.

Watch the full video below...and grab the kleenex.

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