Creative food displays in our local grocery stores are nothing new. You'll stop and look for sure, and hopefully buy if it's done well. That's probably why Spartan-Nash may be jazzing up some of their stores.

This is certainly a kinda-sorta Mr. Potato Head potato display. This is super creative and I sure would stop in my tracks and buy some potatoes, even if I didn't need any.

You'll find it at the Family Fare store on E. Fulton here in Grand Rapids.

Potato Art at Family Fare on Fulton
byu/OurMess ingrandrapids

Cool, huh? I think this is very neat!


Hey, do you think that maybe this is starting a Potato Display Wars with Fresh Thyme?

You know Fresh Thyme is known for their fun displays of produce, especially potatoes, and when you get people talking about you that's a good thing. More people will stop at the store just to see it, and good things happen when more customers stop in the store. More sales!

Fun grocery displays are nothing new. Check out the deli meat display in a New York City market.

"At Home with Amy Sedaris" Premiere Screening And Party
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Are you ready for some salami?

You're in a grocery store to buy food for you and your family, right? So, why not have the store make it even more fun and enjoyable by having some fun with thing you are already going to buy.

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