Heather from the Humane Society of West Michigan wasn't able to come into the studio yesterday morning but we talked on the phone about Simba Timba!

Chunky, funky, large, and in charge, is the PERFECT phrase to describe this week’s Pet of the Week, Simba Timba!

This handsome chonk is a very vocal, affectionate, outgoing guy who loves both food and attention. This big beautiful boy could help losing weight in a slow and healthy way, but there will always be lots of him to snuggle! Speaking of snuggling, Simba Timba is a total lap cat and would be content to cuddle on the couch with you for hours. We can't believe this bobtail baby has been with us for so long, he's such a sweetie!

If you'd like to adopt Simba Timba, please visit our website at hswestmi.org/adoptablecats

Celebrating Betty White this week

This Monday, January 17th would have been Betty White's 100th birthday, and while we're heartbroken she isn't here to celebrate it–we'd like to honor her memory by encouraging you to participate in the #BettyWhiteChallenge this week!

Betty was an animal lover and advocate and dedicated over 50 years of her life to supporting animal welfare. We think it would be the perfect birthday gift to donate to an animal shelter in her name, and help her legacy live on! If you'd like to give to HSWM to support pets in West Michigan, you can donate through our Facebook page, run your own Facebook fundraiser for Humane Society of West Michigan, or give on our website at hswestmi.org/give. If you aren't able to make a monetary donation, consider donating your time by volunteering! You can learn more about our volunteer opportunities at hswestmi.org/support.

Thank you for being a friend Betty, and for inspiring us all to laugh more, love harder, and continue striving to make the world a better place for animals everywhere.

Treat the Pets at HSWM

Being a shelter pet can be stressful, but we’re always looking for fun and creative enrichment solutions to help out pets feel happy and comfortable while waiting to find their furever homes. We’ve run ALL OUT of some of our best dog and cat enrichment items, and could use your help getting more!

Broth packets and lickable treats like Squeeze-Ups are our cats favorite snacks, and they get lapped up so fast that we can't seem to keep them in stock! These high-value treats help us to reward or entice cats that are too picky or stressed to eat, so we definitely need more! Our pups  also need more tough and durable chews, like Benebones or Nylabones. These safe chew toys not only improve our pup’s gum and dental health, but most importantly give them a positive outlet for mental stimulation, and chewing helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

To make a donation, please drop off items in the donation bin in our entryway, anytime during our open hours, or you can donate through Amazon or Chewy at hswestmi.org/wish-list

Save the Date for PCC!

New Year New me? How about New Year, New LOOK!

This year we're celebrating the 10th anniversary of our annual gala fundraising event, Paws, Claws & Corks! We're so excited to bring back the event you love better than ever, and with a brand new look and feel! As we continue to prioritize safety surrounding COVID-19, we are making the necessary changes to the event format while still having our robust silent and live auctions, featuring favorite local restaurants, and celebrating the life-saving work of HSWM over the past year.

Save the date for Wednesday, March 9th, and stay tuned to find out more exciting details! Learn more and get involved at hswestmi.org/pcc

Please visit www.hswestmi.org to view profiles and learn more about adopting!

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