Eek, Directioners! The acoustic version of 'Steal My Girl' is here, and we're all freaking out.

Backed by a piano, tambourine and handclaps, the acoustic version of One Direction's new single allows each of the guys' voices to shine individually before all blending together harmoniously on the chorus. So much swooning! While all of the 1D boys sound great, Zayn Malik's high note halfway through the song is one of the fandom's favorite highlights, as well documented on Twitter:

While most fans are still screaming over the stripped-down track, some are disappointed with it, accusing the tune of being the same as the original only without the drums:

"True" acoustic or not, we still love the stripped-down feel and will definitely have 'Steal My Girl (Acoustic)' on repeat today. Directioners, what do you think?

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