As if the headline of this article wasn't obvious enough, it looks as though a judge cut Miley Cyrus a break -- we crack ourselves up when we pun -- in the case of the scary man who stalked her.

A few months ago, a stranger, armed with a pair of scissors, attempted to break into Cyrus' pad. Obviously, he was unsuccessful. The judge handling the case just announced that he has ordered Jason Luis Rivera to stay away from the star for the next three years. Although, we imagine she'd feel a lot safer if it read "for life."

Rivera was arrested in September on her property, and it took two months for the judge to rule in favor of the restraining order she requested. He was convicted of trespassing and ordered to spend 18 months in jail. But given the fact that there's an overcrowding situation in Los Angeles-are prisons, it's very likely that Rivera will be released as early as May.

Hence the restraining order so she can protect herself from the creepy fella once he gets released from jail.

This is all just so unpleasant! Poor, Miley.

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