Megan from the Humane Society of West Michigan wasn't able to come into the studio yesterday morning due to COVID-19, but we talked on the phone about Marilyn & Dory!

This week we'd like to introduce you to long-haired Marilyn and short-haired Dory, two bonded, black and white beauties, who love each other like sisters!

Marilyn and Dory are best friends and are hoping to go to a loving home together! Upon first meeting, both of these cats are shy initially, but once they warm up, they definitely enjoy being around their people. Dory is the more confident of the two, and Marilyn follows her absolutely everywhere like a little shadow. When Dory seeks human attention, Marilyn likes to hang out nearby, though she much prefers interactive play with fun toys over pets or cuddles. Together these ladies are the purrfect pair!

If you have a low-key home and a big heart, please reach out to our adoptions department at to set up a foster meeting soon, and visit our website to learn more about them at!

Underdog Adoption Special

Have you ever been picked last during gym class? Gone unnoticed by your crush? Felt alone at a party? Our long-stay pups have been overlooked time and time again, but we're determined to find them loving furever homes!

This upcoming Friday and Saturday, July 23rd and 24th, we’re running an Underdog Adoption Special, where ALL of the long-stay dogs in our care will be just $50 to adopt!! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your friend's family--and together let's get every one of these dogs into the homes they deserve

Read for Pets in Need

HSWM is partnering with Patmos Library to introduce their FIRST-EVER Adult Summer Reading Program, running now through August 21st! Read and log 10 books during the program to receive a pet-themed commemorative tote, plus the top 2 readers will win a Starbucks gift card! Sign up at and start reading today!

Challenge your friends and family to join you--for each book read and goal reached, local businesses will donate to HSWM! The more books you read, the more money we'll receive to support pets in need.

Adoption Counselors Needed!

Do you love animals? Fancy yourself a matchmaker? Then HSWM NEEDS YOUR HELP!

Join our team of volunteers as an Adoption Counselor to help place our adorable pets into loving homes! Volunteers must be 18 or older, and willing to dedicate two or more hours per week--anytime Tuesday through Friday, from 11am to 6pm--though schedules can be flexible!

Interested? Please email to get your matchmaking journey started!

$15 Microchipping Service

July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month, so finish the month strong by making sure all of your pets are protected from getting lost by getting them microchipped this month!

HSWM offers walk-in microchipping at our Admitting Department, any Tuesday through Friday from 1pm - 4pm, for just $15, cash or card! Microchipping is a quick and easy procedure that only takes a few minutes, so stop by whenever you're free with your furry family members, and protect your pet for life!

Please visit to view profiles and learn more about adopting!


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