My boyfriend's mom tells a terrifying tale about the Mackinac Bridge. She was crossing it on a rainy, windy day in 1989; It was the day Leslie Pluhar lost control of the Yugo she was driving and swerved off the bridge, plunging 170 feet into the chilly waters below.

It's the stuff of Michigan legend, but it's a true story that has helped give the Mackinac Bridge it's scary reputation.

On Wednesday night Inside Edition did a story on the Mackinac Bridge and the officials who offer to help drive stressed-out motorists across.

The TV show filmed while a bridge official drove motorist Renee Tschirhart across the bridge to safety-- in a blizzard.

Inside Edition notes that while the Mackinac Bridge has a scary reputation, it's actually one of the safest bridges in the country, with some really amazing views.

The episode aired Wednesday night, but according to Wood-TV 8, the Driver Assistance Program has been around for quite a while.

Drivers nervous about crossing can pick up a phone on the south end of the bridge to ask for assistance or ask a fare collector on the north end and authorities will help them cross. Plus, it's free!