It's been way too long since Kelly Clarkson released a single (with the exception of her holiday songs, of course), but fans don't need to worry. 'Heartbeat Song' is here and it is totally worth the wait!

The new track has all of the Kelly qualities we love in her music. Her signature powerhouse vocals are on point, the beat has us dancing in our seats (not unlike Kelly's daughter, River) and we know we'll be singing these lyrics for the rest of 2015.

The song is current -- seriously, we can hear it alongside some '1989' tracks -- but there's no doubt that this is a Kelly Clarkson single. And that's what we love about her: She's not afraid to be herself.

At a recent press conference, Kelly opened up about 'Heartbeat Song,' saying, "It’s an uplifting record. I’ve always been a person about empowerment and doing empowering songs. There’s empowering songs on the record and there’s a lot of positive on there.”

Kelly, we'd say "mission accomplished." Listen to 'Heartbeat Song' above!

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