I was as dumbfounded as you probably are right now when I read this, but, it's true, you cannot break a window to save a dogs life in a hot car in Michigan. If you do, you're BREAKING the law! So, the question is.....what CAN you do?

Our sister station, WKFR, in Kalamazoo, found this law, and here is what they said:

If you see a dog trapped in a hot car this summer in Michigan, you cannot break a window to save the pet or face legal ramifications of breaking and entering to save the dog.

However, here's what you CAN do without breaking the law.

  • Take a picture of the license plate with your phone
  • Call local authorities
  • Stay with the animal...never leave the vehicle.
  • Ask someone to get water (in the event first responders get the dog out and you can start cooling the dog)
  • Remain calm (most important)

Now, some good news - a proposed bill would make it a felony to leave a pet in a hot or cold vehicle in the state of Michigan. It's not the law yet, but maybe, just maybe, they'll get it done.

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