There are many different types of artists that enter ArtPrize and there are many different reasons that artists enter.

Some artists enter to win. Some enter for exposure. Some enter because they love to share their craft. It's often a combo of all three, but it's definitely not always just about winning.

I talked to Stacie Tamaki at Grand Central Market & Deli at the beginning of ArtPrize about her entry. She was happy to demonstrate and answer questions for me or anyone interested. I saw her again Friday afternoon and she was doing the same thing, demonstrating her work and answering questions.

Tamaki lives in Greenville, Mich. This is her third straight year with an origami entry at the same venue. Each year she passes out hundreds of miniature origami cranes. Later, she ends up with a collection of handmade gifts as visitors return to give her origami that they have created.

When I saw Tamaki on Friday she no longer had a chance to win anything at ArtPrize, but she was still making origami cranes and giving them away. Sure winning would be nice, but the opportunity to share her work and engage with those interested was also important.

It's refreshing to see artists who are excited about entering and educating, not just winning.

Maybe origami isn't for everyone or it's not something you voted for, but you have to love Tamaki's enthusiasm. I strongly recommend trying to catch her this weekend, especially if you have kids. They will love it and you probably will too. Plus, you might go home with a souvenir.

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